Trash Talk


5-session study on cleaning up the inner struggles in our lives


Some of our struggles are obvious to everyone and some are known only by God. Either way, all of us have some things in our life that need to be cleaned up like a thought life that is consumed with bitterness, pornography, an overwhelming fear, etc. Without even realizing it those inward struggles begin to show up outwardly in a rebellious attitude, a complaining spirit or a mouth that seems to always get us in trouble. Before we know it, we’re living in all-out hypocrisy as we act one way at church and another way entirely at home or school.

Aren’t you tired of struggling with this? Isn’t it time to come clean?

Session 1: Thought Life
Session 2: Rebelling Against Authority
Session 3: Attitude
Session 4: Speech
Session 5: Hypocrisy

Package includes:

  • Complete Leader Book
  • Promotional Poster
  • Student Handouts
  • Prayer Cards
  • License to make as many copies as you like!
  • Lifetime license (use this curriculum every year, pay one price!)

Check out a sample lesson here >> TRASH talk Sample Lesson


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