3-week series about the “mountain-top” experiences students face & what to do afterwards


After an amazing experience with God, have you ever wondered:

  • How do I know if it was real or just emotion?
  • Why can’t it be like this all the time?
  • What do I do with this experience once I get back home?

My first “mountain top experience” with God was at a youth camp in Jefferson City, Tennessee. I had not been saved very long at the time and little did I know what the Lord had in store for me that week! He truly did an amazing work in my life and I’ll never forget it. That was fourteen years ago and I’m forever grateful for that special week. After a few years as a Student Minister, I noticed that I was becoming a little jaded toward mountain top experiences. I watched as students would “surrender all” at youth events, only to see most of them return to their same old life just a few weeks later. Over time, I even forgot my own special encounter with the Lord back in Tennessee… until I studied the passage that introduces this series called “Summit.” I was reminded that not every “mountain top experience” is fake and meaningless. What we do with that experience is the real issue!


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