Spiritual Warfare


11-week study on battling our greatest adversary in the real world


Movies with epic battle scenes can leave us thinking that war is glamorous until we or someone we know actually dies in combat. And that’s usually how we approach the topic of “Spiritual Warfare.” It sounds cool and interesting until we find ourselves enslaved by a sinful habit, or battling suicidal thoughts, or watching as our family self-destructs. Suddenly it doesn’t seem so glamorous when we come face-to-face with the ugly reality of sin and death, both of which entered the world because of the influence of a very real adversary who is the enemy of our souls.

In this 11 week series we’re going to answer some vitally important questions like:

• Is there really a spiritual battle going on for my soul and if so, who exactly is fighting and why?
• Is Satan a real being and if so, where did he come from and why is he so evil?
• Do angels and demons really exist? If they’re real, what are they like and what exactly do they do?
• If there really is a war happening for my soul, do I have any protection or weapons for the battle?
• Considering how hostile the world seems to be towards Christ, is there any real hope of winning this battle?

So suit up for battle as we equip ourselves to overcome the enemy of our souls!



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Session Handouts for Students (.pdf)

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