6-session study/retreat bundle on several teenagers in the Bible who lived in an all-out, relentless pursuit of God


In this series we’ll look at several teenagers in the Bible who lived in an all-out, relentless pursuit of God! We’ll begin with Hezekiah, who pursued God when no one else did, and move on to Josiah who pursued God’s Word when others ignored it. We’ll then look at two girls in the Bible whose lives were so focused on God (and not themselves) that we’re never even told their names. One is simply known as a “Naaman’s servant.” The term “servant” matches her character perfectly because, as you’ll see, her story can be summed up in one statement – “It’s not about me!” The other girl is only known as “Jephthah’s daughter” and she valued integrity above all else. She teaches us how to relentlessly pursue God no matter the cost! Then we’ll turn our attention the Prophet Jeremiah, who shows us how to relentlessly pursue God’s call for our life. And we’ll end this series with a sixteen-year-old guy named Uzziah who loved God and rose to great heights of fame and success, but he made a common mistake. As God began to use him in a great way, he became prideful. We’ll learn from his mistakes and find out how to finish well in our relentless pursuit of God!



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