I Am


7-week series focused on the “I Am” statements of Jesus


“I AM.” How many times have we used those 2 words to start a sentence? I am: SO HUNGRY, tired, bored, cranky, looking forward to_____, his sister, her boyfriend, etc. The important thing about these 2 words is that they give the speaker an IDENTITY or CHARACTERISTIC. 

You know, a lot of people don’t have a proper understanding of who Jesus is. Most people don’t even know about that last point about Jesus WORDS knocking over a guard! So, this 7-week series will look at 7 “I AM” statements that Jesus makes about himself. Each “I AM” statement will be accompanied with a simple visual aid to help you remember each one.

WEEK 1 – The Bread of Life
WEEK 2 – Light of the World
WEEK 3 – The Door
WEEK 4 – The Good Shepherd
WEEK 5 – The Resurrection and the Life
WEEK 6 – The Way, the Truth, and the Life
WEEK 7 – The Vine

Series includes message notes and logo graphic (jpeg)


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