Hipster Jesus


5-week series on thinking differently than the cultural norm


This series is on Matthew 5 where Jesus is “re-modeling” the way we think and act. Jesus takes what everyone else says is right… and go completely against it. Think about it… that’s exactly what a hipster does! Culture says, “Suspenders aren’t cool anymore.” So hipsters wear them just to go against culture and in the end, they create a new style! Same with thick glasses, scarves, fedoras, etc. That’s where this series “Hipster Jesus” comes from. Jesus is going completely against what the laws and culture of His time say and presenting a completely new way of looking at things.

Week 1: Murder and Anger

Week 2: Adultery and Lust

Week 3: Promises and Oaths

Week 4: Revenge and Retaliation

Week 5: Enemies and Love


– sermon outline for each week (.docx)

– background image for promotion (.jpg)


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