High Impact Letters Vol 2


19 proven letter templates to students

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High Impact Letters Vol 2 gives you even more proven letter templates ready to make an impact for you! Don’t let the mental fatigue of writing a well-worded and persuasive letter drain you. This bundle gives you 19 proven letter templates to students ready to go.

High Impact Letters Vol 2 Includes:

  • Letter to new believer
  • First time guest letter
  • Rising 9th grade letter
  • Letter to inactive students
  • Baptism letter
  • Salvation letter
  • Scholarship recommendation
  • Congrats on making the newspaper
  • Letter of blessing for 16th birthday
  • Congrats on your accomplishment
  • Congrats on winning
  • Congrats on college acceptance
  • College recommendation
  • Eagle Scout recommendation
  • Answering your questions


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