Back 2 Back


8-week series on how true friends have each other’s back


Back 2 Back is an 8-week series about how life is too difficult to go through it alone and how we need friends in our life of a like-mind and faith. We also need these friends in our life who will be there to encourage and keep us accountable in our relationship with Jesus, in the decisions we make, and the life that we live. This series on how true friends have each other’s back will lead your students on a Scripture journey through some of the greatest friendships in God’s Word.

The topics include: true friendship, how true friends support each other, how true friends handle a disagreement, when to walk away from a friendship, how true friends comfort each other in a crisis, how true friends give and receive advice, how to be a friend of God, and how to be a friend of the world.

Download Back 2 Back Sample Lesson


Leader’s guide with notes (.pdf)

Handouts for each session (.pdf)

Backgrounds – blank & title pages (.pdf)

Poster for promotion (.pdf)


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