Retreat Bundle

Retreat bundles are the perfect resource for your camp, retreat, DiscipleNow, or other weekend events. Why pay $300, $500, or even $1000 for this in other places?

All retreat bundles are priced less than $200 and are good whether you have 25 or 2500 in your group! All files are digital and available immediately! Make as many copies as you like!


• Leader Teaching Guides (either in pdf or word doc)
• Student Outlines/Booklets (to be printed by youth pastors for as many copies as needed)
• Promo Poster
• Screen graphics (including logo and powerpoint)
• T-shirt design (to be used by youth pastor with their favorite printer)


• Countdown video
• Intro video
• Other videos
• Devotionals
• Motion backgrounds
• Page headers (for use in creating other documents, etc)
• Postcards/mailer

Feel free to make as many copies as needed for adult leaders and students. The digital files of the curriculum may not be shared with other churches and/or leaders.

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